OKP’s Ten Favorite Musical Hurricanes

Hurricane Sandy

It’s only a matter of time before Hurricane Sandy’s assault on the east coast reaches full power in New York City.  Listening to the wind whipping through the trees had us searching through our iTunes library for some hurricane-related tunes. Check out some of our favorites after the jump.

1. The Roots, Mos Def, Dice Raw, Common, Flo Brown, The Jazzyfatnastees “Hurricane”

Recorded for the 1999 biopic of wrongly imprisoned boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, this track is truly an Okayplayer affair, featuring the original crop of Okayartists – The Roots, Mos Def, Dice Raw, Common and the Jazzyfatnastees, as well as Flo Brown, a fiery talent plucked from the OKP Message Boards. While the song itself might not be the greatest work of any of the featured artists, it definitely takes us back to a time when folks still shouted “OKAYPLAYER!!!” at shows, and the Klangskwad was in full effect.

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