Hurricane Harvey Displaces 30,000 In Texas

Hurricane Harvey Displaces 30,000 In Texas

Hurricane Harvey Displaces 30,000 In Texas

Photo Credit: Kevin M. Cox for Associated Press

Houston and a number of cities and towns nearby are currently dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

As the Washington Post reports:

In a sign of the magnitude of the disaster, more than 30,000 people are expected to be housed in shelters even as rescue officials were still piecing together the extent of the damage to homes and businesses, said William ‘Brock’ Long, admistrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Authorities also fielded scores of calls for help throughout the night from people stranded by water, though many areas had imposed curfew overnight Sunday in hopes of cutting down on the numbers in need of being rescued from vehicles. Help was pouring in from swift-water rescue teams from around the country.

The full extent of Harvey’s aftermath started to come into chilling focus Monday in Houston and across much of Central Texas, as rain measured in feet, not inches, overwhelmed lakes, rivers and bayous, leaving several people dead and thousands displaced in a weather disaster described as ‘beyond anything experienced.’

Across the nation’s fourth-largest city and suburbs many miles away, families scrambled to get out of their fast-flooding homes. Rescuers — in many cases neighbors helping neighbors — in fishing boats, huge dump trucks and even front-end loaders battled driving rains to move people to shelter. Some used inflatable toys to ferry their families out of inundated neighborhoods, wading through chest-deep water on foot while the ­region was under near-constant tornado watches.

Donald Trump will be traveling to Corpus Christi, Texas on Tuesday with Melania Trump to visit some of the places most affected by the storm. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sent more than 3,000 National Guardsmen to help with rescue efforts, while residents in Houston who own boats have taken to the streets to help out as well.

Source: washingtonpost.com

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