Homeboy Sandman Announces New LP w/ "Talking (Bleep)"
Homeboy Sandman Announces New LP w/ "Talking (Bleep)"

Homeboy Sandman Announces New 'Kindness For Weakness' LP w/ A Stone-Cold Groove

Homeboy Sandman Announces New LP w/ "Talking (Bleep)"

Coming off a huge win with his collaborative, Lice EP, Homeboy Sandman appears to be gearing up for the 2-punch. Today, he's announced that his third solo album with Stones Throw, Kindness For Weakness, will arrive on May 8th, featuring the talents of yU, Aesop RockUntil The Ribbon Breaksand funk gawd, Steve Arringtonamongst others. The album's announcement comes bearing gifts, namely, the new single "Talking (Bleep)," which finds Sandman running amok with spoken-word poetics over stone-cold funky groove, provided by Edan.

You can stream the latest from Homeboy Sandman down below, just be sure to keep those ears perked for new joints in the weeks and months ahead. Pre-order Kindness For Weakness on vinyl via Stones Throw today.

Kindness For Weakness Track List:

1. Heart Sings

2. Eyes

3. Real New York, feat. I Am Many

4. Seam by Seam, feat. Until the Ribbon Breaks

5. It's Cold, feat. Steve Arrington

6. Talking (Bleep)

7. Gumshoe

8. Keep it Real, feat. Mystro

9. Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, feat. yU, Tah Phrum Duh Bush, Shad

10. Funhouse

11. Sly Fox

12. God

13. Nonbelievers

14. Speak Truth, feat. Kurious, Breeze Brewin, Aesop Rock