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LargeUp Video: Hollie Cook x The Whispers “And The Beat Goes On”

LargeUp Video: Hollie Cook x The Whispers “And The Beat Goes On”

Hollie Cook

Did I mention we heart Hollie Cook? Never moreso than when she is slowing an early garage classic like The Whisper‘s “And The Beat Goes On” down to lover’s rock tempo–and now that slow-motion rollerskating fantasy has a visual to go with it! LargeUp has the story, hit the link at bottom to watch the vid and while you’re thereabouts, enter to win a free copy of her dub LP with Prince Fatty (must-have!).

Hollie Cook and Prince Fatty’s entire Hollie Cook In Dub LP is excellent but if there’s one track that really makes our mouths go agape, it’s Hollie’s cover of the Whispers’ 1980 electro-soul classic “And The Beat Goes On.” The Whispers’ version (produced by Leon Sylvers of the Sylvers’ fame) is one of those timeless R&B songs that we grew up listening to on Sunday afternoons, and Hollie and Fatty’s version takes it in a whole new, yet equally ethereal direction. The video was shot in a rink full of dayglo-ed rollerskaters, evoking the colorful haze through which our own early ’80s memories are filtered.

The version of Hollie’s cover in the video is actually not the dub on Hollie Cook In Dub, but a more straightforward lovers rock version which appears on the A-side of a newly-released, limited-edition 45 single, out via Mr. Bongo. That single just happens to be part—along with a vinyl version of Hollie Cook In Dub and a limited-edition of 45 of another new single, “For Me You Are”—of the pack of free Hollie Cook goodies we’re giving away thanks to the good people at Mr. Bongo. Head over to our Facebook page and share our post on the giveaway to enter to win. Note: Tomorrow (Friday 7/6) is your last day to enter. -Jesse Serwer

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>>>Watch the video (via LargeUp)


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