Hi-Tek Puts His Drum Samples Up For Sale

Beat Heads: Hi-Tek Unleashes The Drum Samples From 'Reflection Eternal'

by zo
April 24, 2014 4:29 PM

Nerd Bait: Hi-Tek Puts His Drum Samples Up For Sale

Hi-Tek‘s throwing a little nerd-bait out there for all you MPC junkies with the sale of his ever-so coveted drum samples. The internet’s trove of half-second morsels The Drum Broker has teamed up with Tek to bring us all of the kicks, snares, claps and snaps from the instant classic Reflection Eternal LP, straight from the Cincinnati beat-maestro’s machine. Years of floppies condensed down into one ill package of booms and baps. You can purchase Hi-Tek’s pallet via The Drum Broker, but stay tuned for more from your boy as we continue to wait out the release of his follow-up to Hi-Teknology 3. Listen to a supercut of Reflection Eternal below to get a taste of those blappers.

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