Pass The Popcorn: Herbie Hancock Cast Alongside Rihanna, John Goodman & More In Sci-Fi Thriller 'Valerian'

Pass The Popcorn: Herbie Hancock Casted Alongside Rihanna, John Goodman & More In Sci-Fi Thriller 'Valerian'

For the most partHerbie Hancock's journeys in the world of film have been exclusive to the scoring department. He's helmed lush (and sho' nuff fawnky) musical accompaniments for classic's like Death Wish, Fat Albert, Harlem Nights and Action Jackson. Yet he's rarely actually been featured in a film, with rare exceptions being Hitters in 2002 and 'Round Midnight in 1986.

Since then the music giant has kept off the big screen, opting for a life of incomparable output and playing crucial roles in some of the most experimental records a generation (Thundercat's Where The Giant's Roam mini-LP and Flying LotusYou're Dead! to name just a few.) But at the end of this year (like, right now) Hancock will begin a short return to the cinematic realm, having been casted in the forthcoming silver screen adaptation of the sci-fi graphic novel Valerian alongside Rihanna, John Goodman, Ethan Hawke, Cara Delevigne and Clive Owen. At moment, the film's slated for a 2017 release with direction from Luc Besson. Keep you eyes on us for principal photography and the trailer. And in the meanwhile, brace yourself for the legend's forthcoming musical project, slated to feature Pharrell, Cat and FlyLo.

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