Hear Two Possible 'Views From The 6' Leaks From Drake

Hear Two Possible Leaks From Drake's 'Views From The 6'

by zo
March 29, 2016 12:21 PM

Hear Two New Leaks From Drake's 'Views From The 6'

With his Views From The 6 album looming heavy on the collective conscience of the rap game, Drake‘s been suspiciously quiet as of late. Likely in a home-stretch effort to cap off the album everyone’s been waiting for (whose cover has been cryptically blasted all over his hometown for months now.) But aside from that lone feature on Rihanna‘s megaton dancehall hit “Work,” 2016 has been barren of Drizzy’s half-sung hooks.

And while I’m sure the majority of your will throw this to the side, a pair of Views From The 6 tracks have just made way to the internets, flaunting what could be some of Drake’s best material to date, even if they end up as throw aways. The first track, “Controlla,” features contributions from modern-day reggae giant, Popcaan, while the second, “These Days,” marks a true-blue ballad from the Toronto-based superstar. Hit the link below to put your ears on the latest from Drake. We encourage you to do so at your earliest convenience, as there’s no telling how long they’ll stay up on these internets. Views From The 6 has no firm date, but appears to be just around the corner, so stay tuned for updates.

>>>Hear “Controlla” and “These Days” (via The6Track)

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