Flavor Flav
Photo Credit: David Crotty/Patrick McMullan for 62nd Annual Grammy Awards via Getty Images

"God is Good!" Flavor Flav Escapes Freaky Near-Fatal Car Accident

While driving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles on Tuesday, the rapper's vehicle was struck by a massive boulder that tumbled down La Tuna Canyon.

Flavor Flav avoided a freaky near-fatal accident this week when driving past a cliff on La Tuna Canyon in Sun Valley, California. The legendary hype man was returning from Las Vegas — where he coincidentally was involved in a two-car accident a decade prior. Flavor Flav walked away with no injuries and was able to have his car towed.

TMZ reported that the rain caused a boulder to fall down a cliffside on the canyon, which crushed the right side of Flav's vehicle. Although he briefly lost control of the vehicle after the unexpected smash, Flav was able to safely veer and park his vehicle on the side of the road.

With his team able to get AAA on the scene, Flav was shaken up but able to speak with reporters, saying "God is good" and that he "came very close to death but is super grateful to be alive."

This isn't the only time Flav has been in the news recently. Just last week, he had a battery case dismissed. In October he was charged with misdemeanor battery after he allegedly grabbed his girlfriend, threw her to the floor and took the phone out of her hand. According to ABC News, Flav said that he's continuing sobriety after the dismissal of the misdemeanor domestic battery charge. While Flav admitted that he took his girlfriend's cellphone, he pleaded no contest in Henderson Municipal Court to a misdemeanor charge, paying $640 in fines.