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Audio: Goapele - "For Love"

by Raydio
November 09, 2012 12:17 PM

goapele break of dawn for love

In her new track, “For Love,” Goapele shamelessly comes out. Yes, like out of the closet. She understands that in life you ultimately have to choose someone that makes you genuinely smile; someone who you can’t live without; someone who does for you what no one else in the world can do. In “For Love,” she shares that her one-and-only is a female entity we all know, want, admire, and appreciate: music. (I had you going there for a second, huh? I couldn’t resist.)

To be honest, I don’t really care if she’s gay, straight, bi, or pansexual. As long as Goapele keeps breaking us off with snapshots of her soulful love affair, I’m good. Lucky for me, it just so happens that “For Love” is one of three unreleased tracks to be included in her rerelease of her fourth studio album Break of Dawn. In addition to the new tracks, the second edition of Break of Dawn will also have a remix of that hypnotic single “Play” (as if enough babies weren’t made off the original). If we use “For Love” as a musical compass, we can see Goapele heading in a poppier (more mainstream) direction. I hope I’m wrong, but whatever her path, it’s clear that her voice can’t part with the soul it’s deeply rooted in.

Pick up Break of Dawn: Deluxe when it drops on November 20 or – even better – preorder it now off her label, Decon Records. Press play for the groovy “For Love” tune below.

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