Friend Of Man Cyntoia Brown Killed Doesn't Support Clemency Decision

Friend Of Man Cyntoia Brown Killed Doesn't Support Clemency Decision

Tennessee governor considering clemency for sex trafficking victim Cyntoia Brown

Source: NBC News

The friend also believes that Johnny Allen, the man Cyntoia Brown killed, wanted to help her and didn’t solicit her for sex. But even prosecutors against Brown believe Allen picked her up for sex.

Cyntoia Brown was recently granted clemency by Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam but a friend of the man Brown killed isn’t happy with the decision.

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Ben Lamb, who knew the man Brown killed, Johnny Allen, made a Facebook page in the last couple of weeks called “Friends Of Johnny Allen” to support the man he believes wanted to help Brown.

“I honestly believe he was trying to help her and he was not trying to solicit her for prostitution that night,” Lamb told Fox17. “We believe he was trying to help her as he had been trying to help many others in the past.”

“In the end maybe his death had a purpose, a meaning,” Lamb continued. “He did help her. It’s just not in the way he intended.”

Lamb said Allen had started a homeless ministry at Lakewood Baptist, his church in Donelson, a village in Tennessee. Allen, who was also a realtor, had planned to meet Lamb to help him choose a house the day he died. Lamb said he tried calling Allen but he didn’t answer and never showed up.

Although Lamb believes Allen was trying to help Brown, even lead prosecutors against the now 30-year-old Brown didn’t argue that Allen had solicited her for sex.

Upon being asked by Fox17 if he tried to argue if the realtor had picked up a then 16-year-old Brown for sex, prosecutor Jeff Burks said: “No, that was a fact from start to finish.”

Brown is set to be released from prison on August 7, 2019, after serving 15 years of her original life sentence.

Source: Fox17

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