Freddie Gibbs x Hanni El Khatib - "Satin Black"

Hanni El Khatib x Freddie Gibbs - "Satin Black"

Freddie Gibbs x Hanni El Khatib - "Satin Black"

Hanni El Khatib adds another grungy rap treat to his bag of tracks with the mighty Freddie Gibbs on their collaborative knocker “Satin Black.” Gangtsa Gibbs puts on his rappin’s hat and goes to work over a classic break with gritty, fuzzed-out six strings licks lacquering the cut, all before the backdrop melts into a puddle of funky goo, subverting your inner-rocker in favor of heavy wahs, deep, gurgling organs and a muddied vocal filter on Gibbs’ already haze-treated vox. The track marks yet one more instance, in which Converse shows us how wide they reach for these musical menageries, as the track is prominently featured on their recent installment of the CONS EP project, now on its third volume. If you need to further familiarize yourself with Khatib’s destroyer-of-all-genre ways, refer back to his creative collision on “Moonlight” with none other than the god GZA on deck. It seems safe to say that whatever’s in store for us from the LA-bred musician and producer, heads will knock and necks will be sore. Listen as Hanni El Khatib and Freddie Gibbs dive into some muddy funk on their wavy collaborative heater “Satin Black” below.

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