Watch Frank Ocean's Very Brief Interview From The White House

Frank Ocean's First Interview In Years Took Place At The White House, Lasted Roughly 40 Seconds

Frank Ocean's First Interview In Years Took Place At The White House, Lasted Roughly 40 Seconds

A few nights back, the Presidential family hosted the final White House state dinner of their tenure, and by any system of metrics it was a hit. The evening’s guest list included high-profile names like Jerry Seinfeld, Mario BataliRoberto Benigni and New York State governor, Andrew Cuomo. Also in attendance, the leaders of hip-hop and r&b’s new guard, Chance The Rapper and Frank Ocean, both accompanied by their parents, like the good, grateful kids they are.

And while Chano celebrated the evening with a slew of tweets and pictures of him and his father walking the red carpet, Ocean almost slipped away without uttering a word to anyone at all. Oddly enough, after his photo-op with ma dukes, he responded to a red carpet inquiry, setting the stage for his first interview in roughly three years, albeit likely the shortest of his career as well. He was, of course, asked about his choice of footwear (checkered slip-on Vans) chalking the stylistic cue up to inexperience in such prestigious quarters, and debunking any sort of tour rumors that may still be swirling around the internets.

Earlier this week we learned that Frank not submit either of his two surprise 2016 release for Grammy consideration and that he did so on purpose. Obviously, the enigmatic r&b experimentalist is just out here to create without the burden of being evaluated by some out-of-touch committee. And if we want to continue to get bodies of work as deep and expansive as the Endless/Blonde combo-punch, we should probably just let him do his thing. Even if it means we don’t see him for another four years. Watch Frank Ocean’s extremely brief interview from the White House red carpet down below.


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