Flying Lotus & Adult Swim Explore 'The Birth Of Captain Murphy'

Flying Lotus & Adult Swim Explore 'The Birth Of Captain Murphy'

Flying Lotus Reveals 'The Birth Of Captain Murphy'

In case you haven’t tuned in lately, Flying Lotus roll-out for his upcoming You’re Dead! LP is well under way. Within the past few days, the mystifying jack-of-all-trades/master-of-all-trades has put the blogosphere in a frenzy, first dropping the track list for the new album via Tumblr, providing a series of stirring anime images (for all you Japanimation loyalists out there) as a track-by-track breakdown of what and who we can expect on the record. The who part has been fairly well resolved at this point, as it appears FlyLo’s star-studded guest list will feature the likes of Herbie Hancock, Kendrick Lamar, Thundercat, Niki Randa, Angel Deradoorian, not to mention a few appearances from his alter-ego, the mad-rapping Captain Murphy.

It is the latter of those appearances that comes to attention today, as FlyLo dropped a chaotic (and graphic) animated narrative for his alternate persona in the Adult Swim-certified The Birth Of Captain Murphy. The 5-minute long exposition finds a group of kids debating where, when and how the mythical Murphy came to be. Whether he came to be of giant octopus tentacle/volcano love-making, descended from space to combat robot-lizards and flying hotdogs with machine guns or was fortified by years of hardened kung-fu wizardry, one thing is for sure. Captain Murphy ain’t nothing to funk with. Watch the expansive and absurd backstory for Captain Murphy below and preorder You’re Dead! today via iTunes if your brain can handle it.

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