Estelle 'Love & Happiness Vol 2'

Estelle - 'Love & Happiness Vol. 2' EP [2 New Tracks]

by dayfloat
September 23, 2013 4:14 PM

Estelle Waiting To Exhale, Vol. 2 EP

Estelle has finally released the two remaining tracks from her new EP – Love & Happiness Vol. 2 (Waiting to Exhale) entitled “I Don’t Wanna Stay” and “So Different.” The EP is part of a three volume, film-inspired series that have been scheduled to show up sporadically throughout 2013 (a treat for fans before a full album release in February 2014) through Estelle’s own label New London Records.

Darker than the first single released off the EP, “I Don’t Wanna Stay” gives listeners a look into a lover’s quarrel where she expresses frustration with state of her relationship over a heavy bassline: I don’t wanna play anymore/ this is not a game/ I don’t wanna stay. The song features bars from New York rapper Jim Jones who accurately (and comically) depicts a real argument by interjecting whenever Estelle gets a line in.

If “I Don’t Wanna Stay” is the climax to the EP’s storyline, then “So Different” is the final act that ties everything together. “So Different” is a rocksteady-flavored post-breakup song that features a bright and optimistic Estelle who fell in love and – though it didn’t work out – managed to find a new kind of happiness. Check the tracks below and watch out for the third installment to the Love & Happiness collection – Vol. 3 (How Stella Got Her Groove Back) – due out next month.

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