Meadows Festival 2017: Gorillaz, LL Cool J, Future & More Provide The Surprises [Recap]
Meadows Festival 2017: Gorillaz, LL Cool J, Future & More Provide The Surprises [Recap]
Photo Credit: Victoria Ford of Sneakshot for Okayplayer

Erykah Badu On Who She's Listening To During Quarantine: Stevie Wonder, Andre 3000, Jay Electronica & More

Erykah Badu Performs at Summer Spirit 2018 Photo Credit: Vickey Ford of Sneakshot Photography

The singer said that she recently made a mixtape of music that gives her "a bit of nostalgia and peace of mind."

Erykah Badu's Quarantine concert series has become a cathartic event for her fans across the world, with the artist recently completing her second concert earlier this month. But who are the artists the Dallas-based singer is turning to for her own catharsis during this time?

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During a press conference discussing the series and how it came about, Okayplayer asked Badu about who's been listening to amid being quarantined.

"I made a mixtape the other day...and on that mixtape is Stevie Wonder, Donald Blackman, Joni Mitchell, Pink Floyd, Earth, Wind & Fire, Andre 3000, Jay Electronica, The D.O.C. ⁠— those things that give me a bit of nostalgia and peace of mind," she said.

She went on to add that she's been listening to a lot of instrumental music too.

"Instrumental things are very helpful to me because they become the soundtrack to my visions and thoughts," she said. "The instrumental things are very, very helpful because it's a blank canvas for me, and it helps me to think."

On Thursday, Badu announced the third performance as a part of her Quarantine series, which will be taking place April 19 (Sunday).