Emmett Till HBO Miniseries To Be Produced By Jay Z & Will Smith
Emmett Till HBO Miniseries To Be Produced By Jay Z & Will Smith

Emmett Till Trial Courthouse To Be Turned Into Interactive Museum

Emmett Till HBO Miniseries To Be Produced By Jay Z & Will Smith

The Mississippi courthouse where the murder trial of Emmett Till took place, may very well become a museum dedicated to the life and death of the black teenager.

In a report from Diverse Education Dave Tell, an Associate Professor Communication Studies at the University of Kansas, wants to transform the Tallahatchie County courtroom in a state-of-the-art interactive museum, which will display multiple sites related to Till's death in 1955. The museum will be accessible when court is not in session.

"There are 12 windows in the courtroom, and when the shades are pulled down, they will double as screens," Tell said in a statement. "There will be projectors in the ceiling, and the content they display on the screens will direct people to other sites outside the courtroom – the grocery store where Emmett whistled at a white woman and started the chain of events, the place where he was killed...At each site, visitors will get a slightly different version of the story and, hopefully, as they move around, they will learn not only the facts but how memory works...It changes, depending on who is telling the story."

Prior to this Tell had worked on the Emmett Till Memory Project, a website and smartphone app that allowed its users to scroll through 51 sites in around the Mississippi Delta that played an important role in the events leading up to and after Till's death. Such sites include the Seed Barn, where Till was tortured and murdered, as well as the home and burial site of Roy Bryant, one of Till's murderers.

No other information is known about the museum.

Earlier this year came the news that Till's accuser admitted to lying about her claims.

Speaking to Vanity Fair Timothy Tyson, the author of The Blood of Emmett Till, revealed that back in 2007 Carolyn Bryant Donham confessed to lying about her testimony.

"Nothing that boy did could ever justify what happened to him," Bryant said.