Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren
(Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

Following Disappointing Super Tuesday Results Elizabeth Warren Ends Presidential Campaign

Elizabeth Warren (Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

Warren who was a front-runner last fall lost momentum as former vice president Joe Biden came into the new year capturing the attention of Democrats. 

Senator Elizabeth Warren plans to end her presidential campaign, a source close to the matter shares that she will address her team later in the morning. Warren pulls out her bid for the White House following disappointing results at Super Tuesday. 

Last fall the senator was a front-runner, despite this, the New York Times reports that her campaign failed to translate this momentum during the current election cycle. Most recently, Warren in her final weeks pushed Michael Bloomberg to his limits with her striking debate performances. This ultimately led to Bloomberg’s departure from the race yesterday

The question of “electability” followed Warren throughout her run. NBC News reports this was a factor due to Hillary Clinton’s inability to defeat Donald Trump during the last election. Former vice president Joe Biden seemingly swooped in and created difficulties for Warren who could have won over mainstream Democrats who supported Clinton in 2016. 

Senator Bernie Sanders could perhaps offer a radical choice for Democrats if they’re willing to support him with Warren out of the race. If he manages to do so could have a fighting chance at taking the primary. Biden won a total of 380 delegates during Super Tuesday, while Sanders won only 328. 

With Senator Elizabeth Warren’s departure from the race for the nomination, there are no other women garnering enough support or votes to make it to the White House.

Source: The New York Times