Boiler Room Los Angeles 015 with Rhye, Nosaj Thing, Gossamer, D-Tiberto, Low Limit and Classix

Okayfuture Report: Nosaj Thing, Rhye + More At Boiler Room, Los Angeles 015

Boiler Room LA, Jan 29, 2012

The Boiler Room is not so much an event series as an organic movement. It was born in London out of love for the progressive music–and a passion for sharing it with the world via the internet. As of 2012 the property had rapidly expanded. Now Boiler Room events pop up (quietly) in cities around the world, featuring some of the most reputable and up and coming talent across multiple genres. This past Tuesday was Boiler Room Los Angeles 015 in conjunction with Innovative Leisure and featuring DJ sets from Nosaj ThingGossamer, D-Tiberto, Low Limit, Classix, and Rhye. Full audio and video of the event has just hit the webs (scroll down to see/hear and find a detailed set-list with times at bottom) and Okayfuture correspondent April Lanier was on hand to report on the festivities firsthand.

When you attend Boiler Room it’s never the same twice. It’s always in a different studio space, different faces, different vibes, different guests. You basically have no idea what’s going to happen–which is the best part. Last night, Boiler Room TV and Innovative Leisure got together and had a party featuring attendees: Jamie Strong, Gossamer, D Tiberio, Low Limit, Classixx, Nosaj Thing, and Rhye. The room was curated and created by Tofer Chin with his impeccable trippy art surrounding the walls. I arrived as soon as Low Limit’s DJ set began, throwing down the most eclectic collection of tunes playing to all tastes of music. His musical taste is always interesting and fresh. He even threw down the new Salva track “Drop That B.” Next up Gossamer–seriously love this kid. He ended up closing out his set with EPROM’s latest tune “Hurricane” (who doesn’t love EPROM). Another new face for me was D Tiberio whose set was pure magic–an unexpected treat that set the vibe in the room for the rest of the night. Not even sure what he was throwing down but it’s one of those moments where you know he’s got something.

Now on to Nosaj Thing… Remember the first time you heard Nosaj,  you thought the pressure from the music was almost suffocating cause you couldn’t understand how someone could make those ill emotional beats that get right down to the bottom of your heart and even into your bones. Nosaj Thing exposed himself in his latest album Home, opening up crucial waves of empathetic affection. His music has the seductive power of raw talent. I can’t say enough about him, it’s all sexy. Be on the lookout for his label Timetable. The room went silent for Rhye–wow what a voice. Mike Milosh, who is the singer/songwriter struck a chord with the crowd closed out the night in the most sincere, gentle but powerful, way.

A couple of shout outs go to Nick Hook and Laurent Fintoni who I saw roaming through the crowd and huge applause goes to Boiler Room TV and Innovative Leisure for a killer night. If you ever get the chance to attend Boiler Room TV…do not pass it up. To sum the night up music is very present in LA right now.

– 0:00 Fennesz – Before I Leave
– 0:50 Nosaj Thing – Home (feat. Elin Kastlander)
– 3:55 Nosaj Thing – Eclipse/Blue (feat. Kazu Makino)
– 6:10 Nosaj Thing – Fog
– 8:30 Nosaj Thing – Caves
– 9:38 Nosaj Thing – Coat Of Arms
– 12:10 Flying Lotus – Camel (Nosaj Thing Remix)
– 12:50 Flying Lotus – GNG BNG
– 13:10 Kid Cudi – Man On The Moon
– 14:40 Flying Lotus – Getting There (feat. Niki Randa)
– 17:25 The XX – Reconsider (Jamie XX Remix)
– 21:00 L.V – Work
– 21:45 Burial – Kindred
– 25:10 Nosaj Thing – 1685/Bach

As a special Okayfuture bonus track and reward for your scrolling efforts, here’s the official video for Nosaj Thing’s “Eclipse Blue” from his latest album Home out now on Timetable:

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