Donwill & Dash Speaks Are 'Don Speaks' EP

Donwill & Dash Speaks Are 'Don Speaks' EP [Stream] + Free DL

Donwill & Dash Speaks Join Forces To Drop The Collaborative 'Don Speaks' EP

Donwill of Tanya Morgan and New York based producer/DJ Dash Speaks have teamed to drop the Don Speaks collaborative EP. The project surfaces a little over one year after the duo began working together casually in a Brooklyn basement. “Some beats and a borrowed mic” later the eight song, 32-minute project emerges. The EP features artwork from Daniel Salmieri and appearances from Karen Rodriguez, Scoop, NE$$, Fat Tony, Spec Boogie and I-El. With the arrival of the project, Don and Dash speak not just to those enamored of the golden era aesthetic but to the many issues that affect artists and often face the cutting room floor because they do not fit comfortably into rap’s dreamy popular narrative of excess and extreme highs. This is real music for true heads and real live people. Check the tracks below to stream the Don Speaks EP. Grab the the limited free download of the project via Facebook while supplies last. Purchase the project via iTunes. Stay tuned for more from Don Speaks.

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