Watch Donda & Kanye West Sing An Early Cut Of "Hey Mama"

Watch Donda & Kanye West Rap "Hey Mama" Together In Unearthed Home Video

Watch Donda & Kanye West Rap "Hey Mama" Together In Unearthed Video Clip

We all know Kanye West and his mother Donda West shared a very special, very real bond before she passed, as evidenced by the noticeable transformation in demeanor Ye has undergone in the wake of her death (and the fact that he claims to have channeled her spirit on the recent single “Only One.”) I mean, no man or woman deals with a loss on that level all too well, but a freshly unearthed video provided by the almighty internets, shows precisely how close the two were. The clip finds mother and son jointly and joyfully singing the hook to his tributary “Hey Mama” live and direct from the kitchen, massive smiles painted on their faces as they howl that classic refrain. I know it’s easy to get down on Ye when he’s acting out in the name of his own ego, but it’s short moments like these that remind us of the more vulnerable, heart-felt Yeezy and has us hoping we might see that man once more. Get ready to have those heart strings pulled, folks. Watch a young(er) more humbled Kanye West and his glowing mother Donda rap an early version of his Late Registration standout “Hey Mama” below.

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