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Donald Trump

Trump Said He Doesn't Know Lil Jon Even Though They Were on "The Apprentice" Together

Trump lied.

During a press conference Wednesday, following the midterm elections, Donald Trump yelled at journalists, and evaded questions.

When a Yahoo News White House correspondent asked about reports of him allegedly calling crunk legend Lil Jon an “Uncle Tom,” Trump responded with, "I don't know who Lil Jon is," and added, "I've never used a racist remark."

Lil Jon starred in two seasons of  The Celebrity Apprentice alongside Trump. The comment was made in 2013 on an episode of All Star Celebrity Apprentice.

After the reporter pointed out that Jon was a cast member on Trump's show, the president responded with, “Oh he was?” and, “I see. No. I would never do that, and I don’t use racist remarks and, you know what? If I did, you people, you would have known about it.”

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In 2016, The Daily Beast reported on Trump calling Lil Jon “Uncle Tom,” citing an Apprentice employee saying, “We kept trying to explain to [Trump] that that’s not a word you can use, that it’s offensive," and "One of the executive producers had to call him up directly to [plead with] him not to say it... There are several takes in the footage of the dailies that has him trying to figure out the difference between ‘Uncle Tom’ and Uncle Sam. He just couldn’t grasp that it was offensive… When [Trump] decides he wants to do something, that’s his way.”

Lil Jon issued a statement on Twitter in 2016 confirming the report. He wrote, "Several of my castmates and I addressed Mr. Trump immediately when we heard the comment. I can’t say if he knew what he was actually saying or not but he did stop using that term once we explained it’s offensiveness.”


If Trump lied to the nation about something as trivial as knowing who another celebrity is, imagine what else he could be actively lying about. Imagine.