Help Bring This Documentary About Black Women Rockers To Life

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Help Bring This Documentary About Black Women Rockers To Life

Help Bring This Documentary About Black Women Rockers To Life
Betty Davis, who will be featured in the film Nice & Rough

A new film hopes to celebrate the lives of black women in rock music.

Titled Nice & Rough, the movie will explore the legacy of artists such as Joyce Kennedy, Betty Davis and other black women rockers from the ’50, ’60s and ’70s, and also highlight contemporary black women a part of the genre that were inspired by them.

A teaser for the film has been released, which finds artists Maya Glick (also known as Mother Goddess) and Divi Roxx speaking on how performing rock music is important to them.

“Rock and roll is an expression of angst or anger or rebellion,” says Glick in the minute long trailer clip. “Who has more reason to have angst than a black woman?”

The film’s director, Sheila Jackson, is currently crowdfunding for the project.

“This project began as a documentary about the lives of background singers, inspired by my sister, who began singing opera, then jazz, R&B, and now metal rock,” Jackson states on the movie’s Indiegogo page. “It was my fascination with her attraction to hardcore rock music, that led me to delve into this amazing history of black women in rock that is rarely discussed and virtually unknown.”

“This amazing project is about the daring, outrageous, soulful women who, despite what anyone thinks, are called to rock,” Jackson adds. “After more than 5 years of interviews, I realize this film is also about me. I have always been driven by mission, ‘my calling,’ a passion that I am not capable of giving up, no matter what others think. It’s time for this story to be told. Not just for me or for these ladies, but for everyone who wants the freedom to pursue their goals, and not be limited by gender or race.”

Check out the trailer for Nice & Rough below, and donate to the film here.

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