Watch DJ Shadow + Cut Chemist's Complete Afrika Bambaataa Tribute Show

Renegades of Rhythm Dj Shadow Cut Chemist Afrika Bambaataa Live Large

Anyone fortunate enough to catch DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist on their "Renegades of Rhythm" tour last year took in a piece of hip-hop history. Using vinyl records pulled straight from the personal collection of Afrika Bambaataa, Shadow and Chemist wove together a brilliant 100 minute set that took listeners through a time warp to the very beginnings of sampling, turntablism and break beats. Now, a piece of that brilliance has been preserved for posterity, thanks to a high-quality, pro-shot video of one of the duo's performances. Filmed in Oakland, California and produced by Pillage Roadshow, the video gives us a first-hand look (or a reminiscent rewind, for those who caught the show) at just how intricate and all-out funky these shows really were. This is what happens when you take two of the greatest working DJs today and turn them loose with one of the most important personal music collections the world has ever known.

Cuts from Chicago Gangsters, Chic, Beastie Boys and of course plenty of James Brown and Bambaataa himself can all be heard over the course of the set. It really is a thing of beauty to watch DJ Shadow and Chemist at work--like four hands and two brains perfectly in sync for the same funky goal--the further exploration of planet rock. Their entire performance can be watched below, and once you're done, read Okayplayer's exclusive interview with Bam himself.