DJ Premier Says Full Nas LP “Is Coming” + Reveals His Recording Process

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DJ Premier promises a Full Nas LP "Is coming"

True-schoolers rejoice! Innovator and community royalty DJ Premier has conducted an interview in which he has confirmed that he will produce the entirety of a Nas album. Broaching a topic so near and dear to the heart of the hip-hop community at large, that the mere mention of a full release from the East Coast behemoths should commence a forum trolling of epic proportions. In what seemed to be a pretty casual sit-down with Where’s My 40 Acres, Primo divulged some juicy insight into a broad spectrum of issues including, but not limited to his recent sojourn into the world of fatherhood, describing it as a new chapter in his life even though he came to it later than most.

Primo goes on to describe various facets of his production regiment and how its developed over 25 years in the game, citing how much quicker the culture is progressing than when he started, and how at times he’s struggled with the pace, notoriously taking his time in the studio and tailoring his productions to the artists he works with. When it comes to his choice of samples, Primo cites his blatant predisposition to James Brown cuts, but notes that he’s become entirely more open to obscure sampling as the years have gone by:

“Man…it could be a dog that just got ran over by a car and the way he squealed…it’ll be like yo…I’m making a beat out of that.”

Which finally bring us to the coup de grace, in which Primo is inquired as to why there’s never been a Nas album which boasts DJ Premier’s production from beginning to end. Much to the joy of the community Primo plainly, but boldly replied: “It’s coming.” Though the details of the project have yet to be divulged to the public, Primo claims that after Nas’ next album with Def Jam, the Queens rapper will be a free agent in the industry, opening him up to rejoin his fellow patriarch after the two of them free themselves of prior obligations. Its certainly happy joy joy time in hip-hop land and we’ll be sure to keep you posted as to how the project develops (and hopefully no pitbulls will be harmed in the making of those beats). In the meantime, check out interview of DJ Premier below.

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