DJ Jazzy Jeff Lets Go In Amsterdam On 'Vinyl Destination'

DJ Jazzy Jeff Lets Go In Amsterdam In The Latest Edition Of 'Vinyl Destination'

by karaslamb
April 08, 2014 3:28 PM

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Friends Take Over Rotterdam And Amsterdam On National 4/20 Day In The Latest Episode Of Vinyl Destination

DJ Jazzy Jeff links with DJ Shortkut and rocks out in Amsterdam on National 4/20 Day in the latest episode of Vinyl Destination. The episode begins on a rather somber note, as Jeff gets word of the bombing at the 2013 Boston Marathon. Things get brighter in the streets of Rotterdam, where Shortkut represents for the Beat Junkies and does a bit of sight seeing with the crew. As always, the club was packed in Rotterdam before they moved on to a venue in Amsterdam to rock all over again. Highlights of the crew’s time in The Netherlands include a shortage of fried pies, a coming out party for DJ Ferno‘s hairline and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s glowing endorsement of cocoa butter. Check the footage below to watch the latest episode of Vinyl Destination. Stay tuned for more from DJ Jazzy Jeff.

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