Diplo Discusses Unreleased Kanye West Tracks & More During AMA Reddit.
Diplo Discusses Unreleased Kanye West Tracks & More During AMA Reddit.

Diplo Reveals Kanye's Been Sitting On Some Of His Tracks

Diplo Discusses Unreleased Kanye West Tracks & More During AMA Reddit.

DJ and super producer Diplo recently sat for a Reddit AMA where he revealed that some tracks he did for Kanye West circa Watch The Throne have yet to see the light of day. No word on whether they ever will. While Diplo seems no more informed on the matter than his fans, the idea of these joints potentially getting some airtime is an exciting prospect for followers of both artists. The question and answer session also included discussion of Diplo's early days as a DJ, his son, new music and the evolution of Major Lazer. Check out the text below to get a taste of what Diplo's been up to:

Reddit: How did you gather the courage to say fuck it to teaching and become a dj?

Diplo: when i got fired from all the other jobs.. back when i started there was NO WAY u could be famous as a Dj.. not youtube .. soundcloud.. no way to have a instant hit like these days.. i would be lucky jsut to pay my rent in philly from a few jobs a week... its crazy that kids aspire to be a DJ now.. back then the ceiling was so low.. now its like endles how far producers or Djs can go .. its like insane

R: When is the Jack U album coming out?

D: we are doing a mixtape.... its gonna be very cool.. first single is called "take you there" w kiesza i wanna try and get a stream of it out this week

R: So stoked to see you play at Hard Summer this weekend. My question is, how did Jack U come to be?

D: ive been working with sonny for about 5 years.. he was one of the first producres i met when i moved to LA.. and we jsut always been really close musically with our ideas. we made a song for his EP around bangarang that we never finished called amplifier that was remade atually and was pretty cool.. he even sang and played guitar on a few major lazer demos for me.. i have about 45 songs in the pool for the new record so im not sure whats gonna make it.. but jack u we just make the songs really randomly in DTLA or random places in hotel rooms very quickly

R: Any collabs with kanye sometime in your future?

D: we did a couple of records around watch the throne i dont knwo what happened to them

R: Hey man. Just wondering, why did Switch leave Major Lazer? Lack of interest/time?

D: yeh it was never really somethign he loved.. from the begining it kinda was like i would wirte the records he would mix them.. and then as i started touring .. he didnt want to tour .. thats basically it.. so i started to mix them myself or bring in guest for me.. i will say this . switch is probably the best and most progressive mixer ive ever worked with and he works with female vocals like a renaissance painter... hes stil a boss im meeting him tommorow

R: What does your son think about you being on the road, making music, and partying? Is he interested in DJing/music as well?

D: he just started to collect music on his ipad he has 4 songs.. his favorites are good kisser and everything is awesome.. i love to drive with him and here the random songs that he likes on the radio.. he always try and play this ukelele i got him.

Read the full AMA via Reddit. Purchase Major Lazer's Free The Universe LP via iTunes. Stay tuned for more from Diplo.