Did Beef With 50 Cent Cost Fat Joe A Sneaker Collab With Jordan?

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50 Cents and Fat Joe beef

50 Cent and Fat Joe beef.
Fat Joe joins DJ Khaled at Day 1 of the Panorama Music Festival on Friday, July 22, 2016. | Photos by Vickey Ford/Sneakshot for Okayplayer.

Fat Joe has had an accomplished rap career with hit songs through different eras and work with legends like Big Pun and Big L, but he’s never had his own sneaker. In an interview with Lord Sear on SiriusXM, the Bronx lyricist/sneakerhead explains how he missed out on an opportunity with Michael Jordan.

Joe is one of the most dedicated sneakerheads in rap, with a collection that has been covered on Bobbito Garcia’s show “It’s The Shoes,” MTV Cribs, and more. After speaking to Sear about his new sneaker store UP NYC, he tells him about how he lost a chance to make rap and sneaker history.

“I was supposed to be the first artist ever to collaborate with Jordan,” Joe said. “I met with him like six times, we were coming up with the design and everything.”

Unfortunately, this was during his early 2000s beef with 50 Cent – the dispute that 50’s “Piggybank” and Joe’s “My Fofo.” Number 23 wasn’t having it, and he nixed the collaboration.

“That’s when the me and 50 Cent beef was really, really on. We had went at it in the awards show. From Michael Jordan’s mouth himself, he was like, ‘I want to do it, but you know, I’m not into the rap beef and all these problems and this and that. That was it, that’s where it backed out of.”

Joe goes on to say he would love the opportunity to redesign the Air Jordan 3. Joe goes on to briefly speak about his music: he and Remy Ma’s album Plata O Plomo is on the way, and he said that after its release he will be focusing on putting out artists he has signed or mentored. He adds that he may soon be working with Terror Squad singer Tony Sunshine (most known for his hook on Big Pun’s “100%”).

Watch the interview below.

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