“They Had The Chance To Sign”: 2Pac’s Assistant Claims Rapper Once Auditioned For De La Soul & Def Jef

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"They Had The Chance To Sign": 2Pac's Assistant Claims Rapper Once Auditioned For De La Soul & Def Jef2Pac could’ve been signed by De La Soul or Def Jef.

In a recent video interview with Cam Capone News, Kendrick Wells, 2Pac’s close friend and assistant, claimed the late rapper auditioned for De La Soul, Def Jef, and Afro-Rican.

Wells recounted how Leila Steinberg, 2Pac’s former manager and mentor, took the rapper and Wells to a show in San Jose, where they met De La Soul, Def Jef, and Afro-Rican. Ultimately, the encounter led to 2Pac performing for them in a hotel room. According to Wells, Pac performed a few songs, including “Panther Power.”

But, as Wells recalled, the guys weren’t interested.

“They get tapes everyday, they hear people everyday. Unproduced, coming live is different than a finished product. So they go through the steps like they’re listening but obviously nobody called,” Wells said. “They had Tupac Shakur in a hotel room performing for them, and they didn’t sign him. They didn’t hook him up, they didn’t do anything with him.”

2Pac was in headlines earlier this year after Jerry Foxhoven, Iowa’s former Department of Human Services director, was reportedly asked to resign a day after he sent out an agencywide email with 2Pac lyrics to 4,300 employees.

Foxhoven, who started running the agency in 2017, had also hosted weekly “Tupac Fridays” where he would play the rapper’s music in the office, as well as brought Shakur-themed cookies to the office to celebrate his 65th birthday. Some of the cookies also included the rapper’s iconic phrase “Thug life” written on them.

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