De La Soul & Chuck D Put One Up For “The People”

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In The Wake Of The Ferguson Verdict, Chuck D & De La Soul Put One Up For "The People"

In The Wake Of The Ferguson Verdict, Chuck D & De La Soul Put One Up For "The People"

While we were all recovering from our Turkey Day stupor, De La Soul and Chuck D snuck an empowering new joint out in the form of their funk-fortified heater “The People.” While many of us (including the pioneering backpackers) had always dreamed of a collaborative effort from the two schools of underground pioneers; Chuck’s rightfully militant camp and the Daisy Aged trio’s more subdued, yet socially sharpened one. The track was originally slated to be released right around the time when Uncle Chuck began to campaign against the garbage being propagated on urban radio, but the fellas refrained from fanning the flames, opting instead to release the track on Black Friday. But unless you’ve been under the internet’s only rock (obliviousness) this past Friday will likely be remembered less for the mad dash to cop TVs, microwaves and Playstations and more for the high symbolism of the nationwide boycott that took place instead. Rightfully so, a still-mourning nation needs a spark for its dormant activism, a score for its countless marches and an outlet for its overwhelming frustration with the powers that be. In steps “The People,” a staunch critique of cultural and political factors that lead to tragedies like that of the slaying of Michael Brown. Listen to Chuck D and De La Soul deliver a powerful new anthem for the countless victims of systemic oppression below.

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