D’Angelo x ?uestlove “Tell Me If You Still Care” Live @ Brooklyn Bowl (VIDEO)

DJ Brainchild Pimp rag, tootsee pop and a cane.
D'Angelo and Questlove Brothers in Arms
photographed by Myo Campbell

D'Angelo playing "Tell Me If You Still Care" March 4, 2013 at Brooklyn Bowl

I saw the setlist for last night’s D’Angelo/?uestlove Brooklyn Bowl funkfest (recapped here) shortly after the show began, and hoped in my heart that the song listed on the sheet as “Tell Me If You Care” was indeed the S.O.S. Band‘s early 80’s classic “Tell Me If You Still Care.”

It was.

And it was awesome.

Producer and Editor: Allison Swank
Videographers: Myo Campbell + Nelson Mandela Nance

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