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Dam-Funk’s ‘Hazy Stomp’ Will Have You Funking Up The Dance Floor

Dam-Funk’s ‘Hazy Stomp’ Will Have You Funking Up The Dance Floor

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Dam-Funk has become an artist that celebrates funk’s foundation while pushing it forward. He does have the genre of music in his name, after all.

The modern funk musician has recently released a new song from his forthcoming EP Architecture, that finds him blending funk with the upbeat strut of house music.

“Hazy Stomp” is exactly what it sounds like: bubbly bass lines ride underneath rhythmic percussion, as spacious synths glide throughout the track. The song really does leave you in haze, as if you’re in a house party or club enshrouded in smoke and bright lights, the music keeping a steady pulse as you navigate your way through it all.

Aside from this Dam-Funk now has his own radio show on RBMA Radio, and recently released a highly anticipated EP with Nite Jewel under their collaborative project Nite-Funk. The self titled four track release is a well rounded testament to the two artist’s chemistry: “Don’t Play Games” is spacey and funky; “Let Me Be Me” is followed by the slow and steamy “Love X2”; and “U Can Make Me” is a fun uptempo number.

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Check out “Hazy Stomp” below, which is sure to become your pre party anthem for the weekend. Architecture is slated for release in November, and aside from “Hazy Stomp” will also include “Break Out” and “Your House.”


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