Cookin Soul Flips Theme From Netflix Series 'Narcos'

Cookin Soul - "NARCOS"

by karaslamb
October 11, 2015 5:18 PM

Valencia Production Duo Cookin' Soul Flips The Title Theme Of The Popular Pablo Escobar Inspired Netflix Series 'NARCOS.'

Valencia duo Cookin Soul has flipped the title theme of the popular Pablo Escobar inspired Netflix original series Narcos with a new track of the same name. Taking on “Tuyo” – the Rodrigo Amarante original – the pair amps up the gorgeous composition with an inescapable bassline, ticking trap drums and screwed vocals. This joint is bookended by the weeping guitar refrain at the heart of the theme. Check the track below to listen to “NARCOS.” Purchase the track via Bandcamp. Watch the original series via netflix.com. Keep an eye peeled for more from Cookin Soul.

Spotted at 2DBZ.

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