Pass The Popcorn: Common Signs On To Star In DC Comics' 'Suicide Squad'

Pass The Popcorn: Common Signs On To Star In DC Comics' 'Suicide Squad' Leavey

Common has been openly campaigning for a role in DC Comics' cinematic universe, and after months of being in people's ears about it, he may have just gotten his shot. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Com has an inked a deal to star alongside Will Smith and Jared Leto in DC's forthcoming Suicide Squad treatment, which explores a narrative that finds all of the most notorious super-villains in their realm recruited by the government to take on covert operations in exchange for their freedom. And while this doesn't appear to be the Green Lantern gig he had always hoped for (though there's really no way to tell, since the plot details are still quite murky) we're glad Lonnie Lynn will finally realize his childhood comic book nerd dream. The film is still in development, currently filming in Toronto, but is eying a 2016 release. The role, though it's yet to be specified exactly what it is, will follow-up appearances in Selma (which earned him and John Legend exactly half of an EGOT for the song "Glory") and forthcoming roles in thrillers like Hunter Killer and Run All Night. Be sure to stay tuned as we keep our eyes on the project.