Cody ChesnuTT- “Love Is More Than A Wedding Day”

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Cody Chestnutt- "Love Is More Than A Wedding Day"

The master soul-crooner Cody ChesnuTT offers us his dissertation on that loving feeling with the latest fairytale romance visuals for the stand-out Motown review “Love Is More Than A Wedding Day,” off his latest LP Landing On A Hundred. The video follows a couple entrenched in their own love as they put together a pop-up wedding of sorts, traversing Brooklyn’s rough landscape and business owners for all of the personal touches to consummate that love. ChesnuTT’s composition is amongst a slew on the Landing On A Hundred LP that bring the man’s love for Hitsville r&b structures to the forefront of our attention. Coupled with his eerily Marvin-esque vocal stylings and phrasings, this one’s definitely for those who respect Gaye’s legacy as much as Cody does. So go get touched by the latest looks from the contemporary champion of old-soul with Cody ChesnuTT’s video for “Love Is More Than A Wedding Day” below.

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