Watch Childish Gambino Cover Tamia's "So Into You" Live

Watch Childish Gambino Cover Tamia's '90s R&B Gem "So Into You" Live

Watch Childish Gambino Cover Tamia's '90s R&B Gem "So Into You" Live

Childish Gambinowhether you care to admit it or not, is a man of many marvels. He’s made you laugh on 30 Rock, made you contemplate the digital age on Because The Internet, made you believe in crossover success with a dynamic set of talents, never boxing himself into any particular medium or discipline. He’s discussed his transitions, and how he almost never made the jump from TV to music, in a recent interview with Conan. But tonight, you’ll be thankful that he did.

A recent stop at Australia’s triple j found Bino first praising, then actually performing, a cover of Tamia‘s gem of ’90s r&b “So Into You” live in session with just a a lone key player holding down the groove, eventually cuing an electric six-string solo to take the performance up and out. He also performed his Kauai EP’s bubbly and intoxicating single “Sober,” which saw a mind-bending video from visionary director Hiro Murai earlier this year. Fortunately for that side of the world, Bino will be sticking around for a few more days with shows in Newcastle and Bowen Hills. Stop, look and listen as Childish Gambino performs Tamia’s ’98 classic and his own single on triple j radio below.

Tour Dates:
Oct 01 @ The Cambridge Hotel – Newcastle, Australia
Oct 03 @ Centennial Park – Sydney, Australia
Oct 04 @ Listen Out Festival – Bowen Hills, Australia

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