OKP Premiere: New Orleans Vocalist Charm Taylor Soars On Solo Debut EP ‘The Road Within’

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New Orleans-based do-it-all Charm Taylor graces the Okay-realm with an early look at her debut solo EP The Road Within; a whispery and soulful 6-track project that flaunts a sprawling vocal range and a compelling afro-futuristic narrative, entirely produced by Saint Rock.  From atmospheric, trap-laced numbers like the lead-off “Clothes” to more boom-bap touched heaters like “Ascension” and the album’s super-swung, funky-as-all-hell title track closing things out; there’s something for every creed of music lover here. And the influences may be broad, but Taylor’s effortless transition from airy croon to full-blown spitter marks a level of dynamism comparable to Lauryn Hill or more recent soul music futurists like THEESatisfaction. All in all, Taylor’s sound is one that penetrates with its spirited approach to left-field-ism and we can’t wait to get some more. The Road Within drops tomorrow with, but you can put an early ear to the ambitious solo debut from Charm Taylor below. Preorder your copy of the record on Bandcamp today. Taylor will also be announcing tour dates in the days to come, so be sure to peep her site for the scoop.

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