Chance The Rapper, Jay Electronica & My Cousin Nicole Sing The Gospel In “How Great” Video

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Chance The Rapper, Jay Electronica

Chance The Rapper, Jay Electronica

Alright, before you start contorting your neck at all different angles, or flipping your computer upside down, this video is best watched on your phone with the screen orientation locked. Chance the Rapper warned earlier today that his new video is so different from his others, and may not be one everyone will love instantly, so go ahead and sit with it for a minute.

More than just being the first video he’s done in awhile without go-to director Austin Vesely, Chance’s video for “How Great” is shot live-performance style (with live audio) in black and white, on a stage with an iPhone. The video starts with a solo from Chance’s cousin Nicole before a female choir (lead by Peter Cottontale) takes over. From there, Chano comes in a spits the gospel before Jay Electronica makes a dramatic entrance and closes things out.

Watch Chance, Jay Elect, and My Cousin Nicole spread the good news below. Coloring Book is out now.

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