Cannibal Ox x MF DOOM - "Iron Rose"

Cannibal Ox Return w/ Booming MF DOOM Collaboration "Iron Rose" + 'Blade Of The Ronin' LP Track List

Cannibal Ox Storm Back w/ Booming MF DOOM Collaboration "Iron Rose" + 'Blade Of The Ronin' LP Track List

Harlem’s dynamic duo Cannibal Ox has given us little to carry on their torch in the last 14 years. Aside from the rather underwhelming 3-track Gotham EP of 2013 and their Return Of The Ox : Live At CMJ LP, there hasn’t been much in the shape of ear-candy from the tandem. But today’s a new day, folks. Vordul Mega and Vast Aire are here with a flame-treated sonic specimen for you to knock with in their MF DOOM-graced heater “Iron Rose” and it’s as heavy as anything we’ve heard from Shaolin Island over the last 365 (well, maybe with the exception of Ghostface‘s standout solo piece 36 Seasons.) We can’t speak much to what their forthcoming Blade Of The Ronin LP  has in store for us, but it does appear there’s a track list for our eyes to feast on (down below), revealing collaborations with U-God, Elzhi and a slew of others. But if the album holds up, we could very well be looking at the sleeper of the year. So keep your ears perked for the latest from Cannibal Ox and rock with their all-too-tuff MF DOOM collaboration “Iron Rose” below. Preorder Blade Of The Ronin on iTunes today ahead of its March 3rd drop.

Blade Of Ronin Track List : 

1. Cipher Unknown (Intro)
2. Opposite of Desolate ft. Double A.B.
3. Psalm 82
4. The Power Cosmiq ft. Kenyattah Black
5. Blade: The Art of Ox ft. Artifacts & U-God (of Wu-Tang Clan)
6. Pressure of Survival (Skit)
7. Carnivorous ft. Elzhi & Bill Cosmiq
8. Thunder In July ft. Space, Swave Sevah & Elohem Star
9. Water
10. The Horizon (Interlude)
11. Harlem Knights
12. Sabertooth ft. Irealz & Bill Cosmiq
13. Iron Rose ft. MF Doom
14. Solar System (Cosmos) (Skit)
15. The Fire Rises
16. Gotham (Ox City)
17. Unison (Skit)
18. Vision ft. The Quantum
19. Salvation

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