There's A Petition To Get C-Rayz Walz Cast As Yasuke

The People Want C-Rayz Walz To Play Lead In Black Samurai Film

Underground Rapper C-Rayz Walz Wants To Star In The Movie About Yasukem, The 1st Black Samurai

Photo of C-Rayz Walz courtesy of Instagram.

Last week, news came out that a movie centered around the historical tale of Yasuke, the first black samurai warlord in Japan, was in development. 

We love the idea of this film and even suggested that Lupe Fiasco would be perfect as Yasuke.

However, there was someone else who had very different ideas of who should be the star of the movie. Five days ago, a Change.org petition started floating around suggesting that underground NYC rapper C-Rayz Walz should play Yasuke.

Here’s how the creator of the petition makes the case:

“It is important that Waleed “C-RAYZ WALZ” Shabazz be cast in the role of Yasuke. We do not want Hollywood to portray this key historically figure incorrectly or in a bad light – Forest Whitaker should be cast as the Father of Yasuke, and Rae Dawn Chong as the Mother – but only C-RAYZ WALZ can bring Yasuke to life/light & portray the Original Asiatic Samurai.”

The petition also added a trailer for a 2014 movie called CRIME, which the NYC rapper has a role in.

It should be noted, C-Rayz Walz is fully on board with this petition and has even signed it:

The petition currently has 44 signatures, which isn’t bad considering that the creator of the petition only wanted 100 signatures.

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