Bong Bong: RZA Clarifies Azealia Banks vs. Russell Crowe Altercation

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Scrolling down your timelines, you've probably noticed the names of RZA, Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe pop up in ways that are less than flattering, perhaps even a little disturbing. We've held out on chiming in solely because the tale seemed to be one of those stranger than fiction type Hollywood nightscapades, that facts for which probably bend and twist depending on who you ask. Typical LaLa land fables better left for the tabloids.

But it appears that TMZ had it right, and now RZA has finally officially addressed the matter in a statement delivered via Facebook. He recounts his entire relationship with Banks, claiming that up until that night, he and Banks had only known each other through their professional engagements (she is set to star in his upcoming film Coco along with Common and Jill Scott, though that too may now be in jeopardy) as well as the evening in question, stating "I saw her behave as an obnoxious erratic individual," confirming TMZ's report of Banks threatening people at Crowe's party with a glass. The main takeaway: Azealia Banks seems destined for self-sabotage, sadly. You can read the entire account of the evening from RZA's statement down below, chock-full of "bongs" and sincerity.