Blood Orange + Moses Sumney’s Central Park Concert Was A Late Summer Night’s Dream [OKP TV Recap]

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Blood Orange + Moses Sumney's Central Park Concert Was A Late Summer Night's Dream [OKP TV Recap]

Blood Orange + Moses Sumney's Central Park Concert Was A Late Summer Night's Dream [OKP TV Recap]

Dev Hynes AKA Blood Orange had a dream about performing at Central Park’s Summerstage. “I dreamt that they cancelled the show halfway through because noone was here” the singer and composer related to OKP TV’s camera’s right before the concert began, in what he describes as “my first cliché performance dream–in my life. I’ve never had one before.” It was just a dream, though. Before long Central Park’s Rumsey Playfield was filled with a capacity crowd of 5,500–not counting the lines of hipsters outside, which extended down the parkway.

If anything Dev’s pre-vision of the night just turned into another kind of dream; anxiety nightmare transformed into a late summer night’s reverie of golden twilight and swaying bodies by DJ Kitty Cash‘s DJ selections and a heart-throbby opening set from Sean Nicholas Savage.There’s no question Moses Sumney‘s echoey, mostly-acapella brand of folk-pop set the park resonating with the proper vibrations, ending on a truly unforgettable performance of “The Everlasting Sigh.” By the end of the night, Blood Orange had woven his spell, too and Dev was stepping down off the stage to wade into a sea of fans who looked up raptly or sang along with every word of “Time Will Tell” and “Chamakay.” When the last notes were played the night had the sweet, sad feeling of summer camp ending, the kind of moment you want to hold on to even if the dream is over–which is why we’re very glad OKP TV’s cameras were rolling the entire time. Watch the full video recap below:

Music: Portesphear Music + Pegasus Warning
Producer: Allison Swank
Videographers: Jake Remington + Vicky Ng
Editor: Jake Remington


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