Black Milk Answers “The Questions” For Okayplayer TV

Black Milk answers The Questions for Okayplayer TV

Black Milk answers The Questions for Okayplayer TV

Black Milk is probably the leading light of Detroit hip-hop at this point in rap evolution, not only carrying on the Dilla mantle of grimey raps and boundary-pushing beats but also revitalizing the artform of live hip-hop with his band Nat Turner. In fact, stepping away from time on the evolutionary scale and focusing on today/this week/right now, the Black Milk x Nat Turner No Poison, No Paradise tour is one of the meanest machines Detroit’s ever put on the road. All of which is why he jumped at the chance to put the spotlight on Milk when he was in the studio here NY just a minute ago, peppering him with questions like a rap obsessed 4-year old with ADD: Can you draw? What was that strip club gig you played with Blu like? In real life do you drink chocolate or strawberry milk better? Does that sweater make your nipples chafe. These are The Questions. The questions that plague us, gnawing at our brains until we press record and get…The Answers. Watch The Questions (and The Answers) below:

Videographers: Jake Remington + Lance Steagall
Editor: Allison Swank

Music by Desert_Head

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