Bishop Nehru Shares A Remix Of Drake & Future's "Jumpman"

Bishop Nehru Fires Off A New Remix Of Drake & Future's "Jumpman"

by Scott Heins
November 06, 2015 12:06 AM

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Bishop Nehru has made a surprise move that literally no one could have expected. The 19-year-old MC has posted a remix of “Jumpman,” the inescapable single off of Drake and Future‘s What A Time To Be Alive mixtape, a song that’s inspired its own online video game, a 43 minute remix and some of the best dance moves that the Met Museum has ever seen. It’s safe to say that “Jumpman” is a piece of ridiculous brilliance, and while Bishop Nehru has never been an easy one to predict, for him to go this route is certainly interesting.

But how’s it sound? Pretty damn good, to be honest. “Jumpman Jumpman Bishy Bishy’s Up To Something” he opens, copying a bit of Drake’s cadence before dipping into his own style for the remainder of the 3 minute offering. Ultimately the remix comes off as a bit of high-class homage. Bishop sounds as hungry as ever on this one, and we’ll be the last to complain about hearing more and more of this Metro Boomin masterpiece. Listen to the “Jumpman” remix below and keep an eye out for Bishop Nehru’s next move. Them boys up to somethin.

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