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Video: Bilal - "Back To Love" [Official Video]

Bilal in a still from "Back To Love" (official video)

Happy New Year, kids–Bilal is back! And that giftbox he’s got tucked under one arm is the video for “Back To Love,” the first single from his coming-soon album A Love Surreal. The theme of the visual is pretty simple: relationships are hard work and when love feels like war, sometimes the most constructive thing a grown-ass man can do is thrown on his Marvin Gaye macintosh and his rasta-colored scarf and take a walk in the rain to cool off. Yet the infectious power of the song itself provides an energy that animates the rainy day scenario with a surprising amount of bounce. When you think about it, the best kind of couples therapy that music can provide might be a song that lightens the mood and puts a spring back in your steppers instead of digging through the baggage we ask our partners to help us lug around. That’s about as close as I can get to capturing the undeniable energizing effect of “Back To Love” in words, watch below to add a few bars to your battery and watch for A Love Surreal to drop on February 12th (that timing is pure coincidence I’m sure).

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