Audio: Bobby Womack "Bravest Man In The Universe"

Bobby Womack connects again "Bravest Man In The Universe," the second leak (and the title track) from his forthcoming LP with Damon Albarn behind the boards--his first album of original material since 1994! Though this one is not quite as shop-wrecking as "Please Forgive My Heart" for my euro-bucks, it is still a brick through the shop-window, let's say, and the wicked bass-driven groove  Albarn and XL Records honcho Richard Russell lay down is reassuringly tough, a sign that Womack is in good hands, no thumbs intended. The star of course, is Womack's voice, though, so steeped in the emotional power of his soul roots and so colored by the audible grain of a long and amazing life, it's almost unfair to other singers who just hit the right notes. A few more jams like this and Bravest Man In The Universe may prove to be the illest cross-generational collabo of this kind, at least since Massive Attack got Horace Andyin the studio. Bravest Man drops  June 12th in the U.S., pre-order it here.

spotted at SC