Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown" Hits Houston With Slim Thug
Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown" Hits Houston With Slim Thug

Anthony Bourdain x Slim Thug Do Houston For "Parts Unknown"

Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown" Hits Houston With Slim Thug

Chef and television personality Anthony Bourdain has gained a notable following throughout the years, thanks in part to his popular TV series Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. The CNN-based show features Bourdain as he travels across the world, learning about different cultures and people through the food they love to eat.

But some of the best moments from Parts Unknown are when the "culinary bad boy" shares food and beverage with an artist that's very much a part of the place he's exploring. Whether it be chopping it up with Iggy Pop and Questlove in Miami, or exploring both sides of Brooklyn gentrification with Okay-platers 4 life Talib Kweli and Michael K. Williams, (on the final season of his previous show No Reservations) Bourdain does a great job of introducing us to a place we're probably not too familiar with, through the people he talks to.

Now, he has set his sights on Houston. Bourdain is currently in H-Town shooting the latest episode of Parts Unknown, and guess who the main guest is? Nope. Not Beyoncé (although wow, imagine the Queen B honoring Bourdain by opening her proverbial bag to reveal the hot sauce to use a piece of Frenchy's fried chicken, as they share a pitcher of lemonade). The answer is Boss Hogg Outlaw himself, Slim Thug.

That's right — the "I Ain't Heard Of That" rapper has been showing Bourdain and his crew around the city, eating ribs, brisket and loaded baked potatoes at Burns Original BBQ and, as Bourdain tweeted recently, drinking beverages that make him "strangely sleepy." He's also learned about Houston's iconic slab culture of cars.

"He wanted to get deeper enriched with the culture," Cory Crawford, co-owner of Burns told the Houston Chronicle. This wasn't the chef's first time at Burns, either: he had previously filmed a segment at the popular Houston BBQ spot for Food Network back in 2004. "It's good he came back to see a second and third generation. It's exciting for us and for the people."

The NYC-born chef also popped in on someone's Quinceanera and used the occasion to call out Donald Trump. A date hasn't been released for when the episode will air, but hopefully it'll drop some time before Americans are presented with the ultimate spread of bad food choices on election day.