Alton Sterling’s Son Speaks On Father’s Death

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Alton Sterling's Son Speaks On Father's Death

Alton Sterling's Son Speaks On Father's Death

This morning Cameron Sterling, the 15-year-old son of Alton Sterling, made a call for unity during a press conference in Louisiana. Standing in front of the convenience store where his father was fatally shot by Baton Rouge police officers, Cameron addressed the crowd and proceeded to talk about his father, as well as requested that people “protest the right way.”

“Not beating the police, not police beating the people. That makes no sense. That make things worse,” Cameron said. “You have to make things better by making peace.”

The statement comes about not only because of the death of his father and Philando Castile, but the death of several police officers in Dallas that were shot by snipers during a protest. Cameron condemned the Dallas shooting and used the opportunity to state that he believes not “all police are bad.”

“They all aren’t bad. There are some that are bad, but all aren’t bad. How I feel? I feel all police shouldn’t be punished for other police’s crimes,” Cameron said. “The police in Dallas, Texas… they didn’t deserve that because, nobody knew if they had kids to go home to. Those kids need their parents.”

The first time Cameron appeared on television was shortly after his father’s death. Alongside his mother Quinyetta McMillon, Cameron broke down crying as McMillon demanded justice for Sterling. “I want my daddy back,” Cameron said with one arm wrapped around his mother, half of his face hidden in his shirt as he cried.

“I really want everyone to know, everyone nationwide, everyone in this world, to know that Alton Sterling was a good man,” Cameron said during today’s press conference. “No matter what anyone else has to say about him, truly in my heart, I know he was a good dad.”

Cameron will be traveling to Washington, D.C. on Thursday, where he is expected to meet President Obama during a town hall before saying his final goodbye to his dad Friday.

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