A.CHAL Releases A New Song Called "To The Light"

A.CHAL Releases "To The Light," His First New Track In Nine Months

Artwork courtesy of Soundcloud.

Artwork courtesy of Soundcloud.

Last June, A.CHAL released his debut project Welcome to GAZI before immediately going dark, not releasing any new material other than the “Round Whippin” video.

Well after sending some teasers on social media, A.CHAL has dropped his first song of 2017. The track is called “To The Light” and is produced by Phil Good Music and A.Chal himself.

Over the moody production, CHAL sings lines like:

“Eyes bloodshed, marijuana. Staring at the eyes of my Karma. I’m bumping Michael Jackson and Nirvana. I’m tryna find my way to Madonna.”

So does this mean a new album is coming soon? Sure seems like it. Give “To The Light” a listen underneath, and let us know if you’re feeling it.

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