Here's The 2017 Tribeca Films We're Looking Forward To

Here Are The 2017 Tribeca Films We're Looking Forward To

Watch As Tribeca Announces Its Second Annual TV Lineup

Photo courtesy of Tribeca Film Festival.

This year’s Oscars marked a change that we as black Americans have been rightfully waiting for. With winners such as MoonlightMahershala Ali and Viola Davis still enjoying their statues — we are now entering Tribeca Film Festival SZN. As the organizers have reached out to us here @Okayplayer to bring you the illest and freshest films from ground floor off of Canal Street in New York City — we are excited to share with you the films, special screenings and world premieres that we are looking forward to seeing.

For those who believe that the film industry is already diverse enough, well, the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival will prove you wrong. Running in its 16th year, we are focusing on the films that cater to the audiophile within you, plus your cherished cinephile. The films, which you can check out on the following page, are surely going to go on to find its way to your streaming service, theater or in-home screening room very soon.

We are very impressed by the films that are being screened and debuted this year. Without further ado, we present the 10 Tribeca Films that we’re looking forward to seeing on the big screen.

Witness these risk-takers by checking out the new narrative below!

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