10 Things We Should Have Tweeted During SpaceGhostPurrp Live At SOB's Last Night

The self-proclaimed "God of Black"SpaceGhostPurrp threw his record release party at SOB's last night. As we predicted, it was a night to remember for everyone involved. Here's what we would have tweeted if we weren't so damn busy throwing 'bows and moshing during the performance:

1 — More than 100 all-black Comme des F*** Down/Black Scale/Raiders uniforms gettin SOAKED outside of SOBs right now.

2 — We suspect Das Racist's @HIMANSHU of trying to set a record for most SGP shows attended.

3 — A friend just said: "That little white guy is one confident mofo." @despotroast

4 — So rapping in the crowd seems to be @MRMFNeXquire's thing then, huh? #rootspicnic

5 — They're setting up the aisle for the home team now. Make room for the Raiders.

6 — When's the last time you've seen a Danzig tee at a rap show?

7 — Is anyone counting the pieces of black garments on stage right now? We're guessing maybe 84.

8 — We don't know what happened to Purrp and his mic during "Suck a D***" but the crowd just did that whole song for him.

9 — This just in: SpaceGhostPurrp might be the @jeruthedamaja of his generation. #queensvsbword

10 — At the end of his show, Purrp does seem a bit overwhelmed by the response. Good to see genuine humility in these young dudes.

Purrp's debut LP Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp is out, not now but right now. Cop it here (digital) or here (physical).